About Us

We are lifetime boat and yacht enthusiasts that prefer to spend our time on the water rather than on land. We are made up of USCG Captains and experienced sailing and yachting crew members. 

What We Offer

Best Yachts

We guarantee that you will experience the best yachts that San Diego has to offer. 

Best Pricing

We work hard to make sure that you get the best prices for yacht rentals in San Diego. We guarantee it. 

Finest Staff

We have 12 USGC Captains and 22 Crew Members to assist you with all aspects of your yacht rental experience. 

About Yacht Rental San Diego

Renting a boat or yacht can be a real pain. There are so many questions that must be answered in order to get not only the best yacht but the best deal. Coast Guard regulations on boats and yachts can be really confusing, causing the number of guests to vary, even with massive-sized yachts. We saw confused customers searching for a good time on the water and decided to create a service that allows customers to answer a few simple questions that allow us to send specific and tailored boats and yachts directly to them. 

“I tried to find a better deal on a yacht. I really did. They’ve been the best and cheapest. Every. Single. Time. ”

Mark K. – Google