5 Steps to get a yacht rental in San Diego for cheap

Looking to find a yacht rental in san diego for a cheap price? Here’s 5 unique ways to save.

You wouldn’t think that the word “cheap” and “yacht” should be in the same sentence, but prepare to be surprised! Yacht Rental San Diego has designed a simple 20-second ‘question-and-answer bot that will automatically send you the cheapest yacht rental in San Diego for the number of people in your group. If you want to do some more digging, here are 5 steps to find the cheapest yacht rental. 


1 ) The more the merrier: You may have heard of ‘the more the merrier’ but in this case, it’s the more, the cheaper!’. When you’re searching for a cheap yacht rental, the more people you have, the cheaper the yacht becomes. Try to find a yacht that holds at least 24 passengers in order to get the best deal. 

2) The longer the duration, the better the deal. Typically a yacht rental gets cheaper as the longevity of the yacht rental lasts. If 1 hour is $500 per hour, ask if there are special deals to drop the price for the extra hours you spend. 

3) Bring your own Food and Booze (if possible). Spending money on catering can really skyrocket the cost of a yacht rental. If you plan on staying on the yacht for more than 3-4 hours, bring your own food! 

4) Find out if they are running any discounts using Facebook Ad Library. This method works for more than just finding cheap yacht rentals, it works for getting the best deals from any company. Visit and find your local yacht rental companies. Use the method below to find all their advertisements and the promo codes that go with them! 

To access the Facebook Ad Library, click this link, or type facebook.com/ads/library into your browser address bar. Once the page loads, it will look like a regular search engine. 

  •  Make sure to click ‘Search All’
  • Search Up A Brand
  • Click on the page that you’re looking for, and it will pull up all the ads that the brand is running.
  • Click On Specific Ads


5) Go on a ticketed yacht charter. There are plenty of yacht rentals that do ticketed harbor and bay cruises in San Diego. Using this method, you can buy individual tickets and take over a portion of the yacht! We don’t recommend this for groups larger than 10. 


To book 3 of the cheapest and best yachts in San Diego visit Our Yachts page.

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